Airbag light on after an accident? 

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To be honest I thought the repair would not work. Much to my surprise the ECU module came back free of codes and saved me in excess of 500 pounds

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Don’t replace your module and spend hundreds on Main Dealer Prices. 

Re-use your existing airbag module with our Crash Data Reset Service and at a fraction of the cost

Is your airbaglight on? Crash Event stored? Won’t clear on a diagnostics machine?

The SRS Airbag module, found in cars, controls the entire airbag system.Everything from the impact sensors, airbags and seatbelts go through it. Even in the event of a minor accident, the airbag module may store crash data and light up your dashboard.

You are now able to re-use your existing airbag module with our reset service!

Your module will be restored back to how it was prior to the crash happening, meaning it will have all your vehicle data stored so it will be plug & play!

Just Plug & Play! This service is 100% compatible with our seatbelt repairs.


Airbag Module Reset

Why is my airbag light on?

Your airbag light may be on due to various reasons and most of the time because of an airbag fault. This could be related to the airbag module itself or any of the following airbag components:

●       Airbags deployed

●       Faulty seat belt pretensioners

●       Faulty airbag clockspring

●       Crash sensors fault

●       Crash data stored

●       Wiring harness problem

●       Miscommunication or no communication

While these are the most common faults, your airbag light may be on due to other reasons. Regardless of what it is, you should always scan your system using a diagnostics machine to read and obtain the codes. If you do not own a diagnostics machine you can get this diagnosed at any local shop. If you work with cars often, we recommend investing in an OBD scan tool to scan the system and retrieve codes whenever your airbag light is on.

How do I reset my airbag light?

The airbag light reset depends on the airbag faults. If there are minor codes such as a wiring fault or communication issue, this can usually be fixed by addressing the failure. An OBD scan tool can also erase any soft codes that are not related to a crash. If your car has been in an accident, you will probably have the airbags deployed, locked seat belts, faulty crash sensors and/or a lousy airbag clockspring. The SRS airbag system computer or module will now have crash codes or crash data known as hard codes. This is something that no airbag scan tool, not the dealer can reset. This is where we come in! AirbagTeam offers affordable, and fast SRS airbag module reset service erasing all crash data that dealers and OBD airbag scan tools cannot! We reprogram your original SRS airbag control unit back to factory condition. No further dealer programming will be needed after our reset. Your airbag light will be reset with our service. This service is 100% guaranteed or your money back.

My airbags deployed, will I need to have my SRS airbag control module reset?

Yes. Whenever you have an airbag code related to the deployment of the airbag, you will always need your SRS module reset. Before, the only solution to this was buying a new module and laying hundreds of pounds at the dealer. But with the growing industry is salvage cars being repaired, rebuilt and safely back on the road – the demand for new methods and safety procedures came to be. Our SRS airbag module reset being one of them. Many dealers, shops and individuals are now rebuilding salvage cars that are bought from salvage auctions such as and and rebuilt safely to be back on the road with salvage, reconstructed or restored titles. Most of these cars/vehicles will require safety salvage inspections to ensure that the motor vehicle has been safely rebuilt and is safe to operate on the road. It is also inspected against theft and stolen parts. Keeping this in mind, if your car has no airbags or had the airbags deployed, you will need the SRS unit reset.

Why does the SRS airbag control module need to be reset?

When an accident occurs, the SRS airbag module writes codes in its memory that contain crash information. Once written, the SRS ECU becomes “locked” until it is replaced or reprogrammed. This is because the car will no longer be safe to operate. Besides, the airbag module goes into a “black box” state that awaits an accident investigation in case it is needed. However, when the car is written off the insurance or the accident has been minor, the vehicle can return to the road. At this point, the SRS airbag comfort modules need to be reset. We provide this reset service at an affordable price and offer a 24-hour turnaround. Your SRS module will be reset, and your airbag light will go away.


How do I remove the SRS airbag module?

The SRS airbag module is easy to remove and can be done without a professional mechanic. Though we strongly advise knowledgeable individuals removing an SRS module, it can be done at your own risk by following the easy steps:

1.Disconnect the negative terminal of your car’s battery and wait at least 5 minutes before proceeding.

2. Locate the SRS airbag unit. In most vehicles, it will be under the center console which, between the front seats under the dash or the front driver or passenger seat. Most SRS units will look similar to a metal enclosure and a yellow plug. Others will have a metal enclosure with a black cap.

3.Unbolt the unit and disconnect the wire harness or airbag plugs going to it.

Airbag module replacement cost?

An airbag module replacement cost can easily exceed £700 when buying new from the dealer. Used airbag modules may be cheaper at a few hundred pounds. Replacing an SRS airbag module is a lengthy and challenging process due to everything that’s associated with it. When you install a different module in your car, used or new, you will need to program it to your VIN which requires an auto electrician to do so. This adds extra costs and time. All salvage shops are now using AirbagTeam to reset their SRS airbag modules instead of replacing them. Anyone working with salvage cars saves hundreds every time, and thousands throughout. We are happy to be the nationwide leader in providing affordable, and fast SRS airbag module reset service in the UK!

Eeprom Programming?

EEPROM re-programming consists of erasing crash data and hard codes found in the SRS airbag module by rewriting the original factory code into the memory. Your SRS unit will be reprogrammed to the original factory programming and function like new. An airbag module reset tool will not erase crash data or hard codes – our service will! Airbag module reset software may erase some soft codes, but will not reprogram the SRS module to the original condition. If you are wondering how to reset your airbag module after an accident, this is the service you need!